Who We Are

Prairie West Nutrients is a sulphur fertilizer producer with a difference. With a combined 85 years of experience in the sulphur fertilizer industry, Prairie West Nutrients goes above and beyond to bring an exceptional product to the agricultural community.

Located just outside of Edmonton, Prairie West Nutrients uses state-of-the art technology to combine sulphur with bentonite clay to create the highest quality sulphur fertilizer pastilles. This delicate balance creates a sulphur fertilizer that allows for the best swelling rate on the market. Prairie West Nutrients sulphur pastilles are one of the safest and easiest to break down to give your soil the best possible nutrient ratio.

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We Handle the Logistics

With a full-service trucking fleet at the ready, Prairie West Nutrients is able to package and ship sulphur fertilizer throughout North America. Based in both the U.S. and Canada, our fleet of over 75 highway tractors are ready to roll out. Backed by a fully bonded freight and logistics brokerage, Prairie West can have your product arrive by rail or road throughout the globe.

From Point A to Point B, we handle all the logistics of shipping our sulphur fertilizer both domestically and internationally. You don’t need to worry about how your product will arrive, whether by train, truck, or ship, we’ve got you covered. Prairie West Nutrients will ensure that your fertilizer or industrial sulphur is properly stored and shipped with reputable transportation companies for a timely and safe delivery.

Turning Oil By-Product Into Profit

We partner with oil refineries to help you turn oil by-product into nutrient dense fertilizer that will be market-ready and easy to transport.

Continuing A Tradition

With 85 years of combines experience in the sulphur industry, we continue to excel in providing the most innovative, competitive and high quality sulphur products available in the market today.